Welcome to private-chauffeur.com

If you want to travel individually and primarily with your own vehicle, but don’t want to deal with the traffic and instead - preferably in the rear - to work, organising your appointments or just want to relax, we are the perfect solution.

Our private chauffeurs drive you safe and reliable in compliance with the traffic regulations to your destination and back home.

Of course, our private chauffeurs are always concerned about the well-being of their guests and the vehicle, and also carry out additional tasks if required. Simple and uncomplicated.

With our transfer service, we take your car and luggage to the resort and welcome you at the airport. Start travelling from your doorstep. And naturally we‘ll pick you up from the airport and drive you safely to your destination. During events we actively support you with vehicles and personnel.

If you temporarily lost your driver license, we can also contribute with our private chauffeurs. Even for short-term trips to safeguard your job.

You need a reliable short-term representation for your own personal driver? Our private chauffeurs are a perfect alternative.

You`ll see – private-chauffeur.com – a win win situation for you.